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Created to help those with trouble sleeping due to Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), muscle aches or tension, stress and anxiety. 

Our Ionic Sleep bar is made from locally-sourced materials from our home state of Utah, including unrefined beeswax, and primordial minerals extracted from the remnants of two different ancient lakes.

  • ISbar+ is Made with All Natural Ingredients
  • Infused with Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils
  • Enhanced with Primordial Minerals
  • does not contain harmful Chemicals or Parabens
All Natural RLS Relief

ISbar+ ~ the incredible
Ionic Sleep bar

Our provisionally-patented formula

Our all-natural formula provides instant relief of RLS, leg cramps and growing pains for many sufferers through transdermal ionic absorption. The ingredients and revolutionary delivery system are protected through the US patent office through a provisional patent.

The inspiration for ISbar+

The inspiration for ISbar+ comes from hundreds of online comments that claim a bar of soap between the sheets provides relieve of RLS sufferers throughout the night. Openly discussed and debated by Dr. Oz and the panel of physicians on The Doctors, there are a lot of unanswered questions about RLS and the calming effect that a simple bar of soap between the sheets has.

ISbar+ is not soap

So, what is the difference between a regular bar of soap and the ISbar+? Our incredible Ionic Sleep Bar does not contain the harsh chemicals found in soap like lye or formaldehyde. Instead, ISbar+ is made with all-natural base ingredients to deliver safe targeted ionic absorption while you sleep.


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ionic absorption


When Lake Bonneville dried up, approximately 15,000 years ago; the powerful, ancient minerals concentrated down to what is now the Great Salt Lake and Bonneville Salt Flats.

all natural rls relief

Botanicals & essential oils

Used for centuries, Botanicals & Essential Oils have been proven to ease aches and pain, reduce anxiety, improve respiratory function, help you fall asleep easier and improve the quality of your sleep.

Central Utah ancient seabed salt

sea salt

Prehistoric volcanic activity encased an ancient seabed dating back thousands of years. The resulting salt deposit yield naturally-balanced mineral salt and clay with healing properties.

raw, unfiltered beeswax

pure, raw

Raw, unprocessed beeswax from local beekeepers contains many therapeutic properties, is naturally antibacterial and offers unique, holistic anti-inflammatory benefits.

Benefits of Transdermal Absorption with ISbar+

• Safe All-Natural Ingredients • 60+ Vital Minerals • High Concentration of Magnesium • Relieves Tension & Stress • Enhances Health & Well-Being • Relieves Restless Legs • Anti-Inflammatory Properties • Alleviates Muscle Pain • Targeted Absorption for Fast Relief of Nighttime Restlessness

ISbar+ customer review

"ISbar+ has changed my life. Since I began sleeping with the bar between my sheets, my RLS and insomnia have all but disappeared!"

- Paulette Fuell

percent of Americans suffer from acute insomnia
nearly 80% of women experience insomnia during pregnancy
Ionic Sleep Bar

Bringing a good night's sleep to Everyone!

billion dollars in the US economy is lost annually from insomnia
up to 10% of American adults and 2% of adolescents suffer from RLS

How does ISbar+ work for RLS and leg cramp sufferers?

The causes of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) & leg cramps are not fully understood, but one theory surfaces over and over again - mineral and electrolyte deficiencies. There is a correlation between RLS & leg cramp sufferers and their low iron, magnesium and potassium levels. The ISbar+ two-pronged approach includes: • Transdermal ionic absorption of key minerals and vital electrolytes. • Aromatherapy to relieve stress and improve sleep.

How was ISbar+ developed?

While the newly-developed Ionic Sleep bar is unlike anything on the market today, RLS sufferers have long believed that an old wives tale about a bar of soap between the sheets actually helped. Through exhaustive research, development and trial & error - the Ionic Sleep bar was born. We believe that nighttime ionic absorption of our exclusive primordial mineral and essential oil blend along with the healing properties of ancient seabed salt, is the most effective natural sleep aid available today.

How do I use my new ISbar+?

First of all, 'Thank You for your purchase!' We started this small, family-owned and operated business to help everyone suffering from insomnia, anxiety and RLS to get the sleep they need with our effective and affordable sleep aid. Sleep well! Simply unwrap your ISbar+ and place it inside the 100% cotton Muslin bag. Next tighten the drawstring and place it between your sheets near your legs. Now, get comfy, breath deep and sleep well! *The ionic absorption of ISbar+ will last for 4-6 weeks.

Born out of desperate 2am searches online - the inspiration for ISbar+ came from an old wives’ tale and turned into a crusade to find the best, most effective ingredients to help me relieve my achy, twitching muscles and finally get a good night’s sleep.
Melissa Adams
RLS sufferer/writer
creator of ISbar+

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